Juice Bar

Heavenly Cafe & Juice Bar!

Helen has been a prominent figure on the well known James St in Central Burleigh Heads for over 15 years now. Her bustling shop, Helen’s Heavenly Bulk Foods, has expanded into next door as well with the addition of a cafe & juice bar! As soon as you walk in you’ll see why it’s one of the most popular stops on the wholefood circuit, and with almost all the treats being made with ingredients from the bulk food store next door, you just know its going to taste DELICIOUS!

Helen’s Heavenly Bulk Foods was the first to stock the now famous Acai berry and supplies the powder form of the berry, capsules and frozen puree, as well as selling the delicious Acai juices and famous crunchola bowls.

Customers travel from Brisbane and beyond on weekends to experience these bowls and the feedback is that Helen makes them better than everyone else!


Juicy & Sweet

We use all natural ingredients in our juice bar – mostly supplied by next door!

Save Pennies, Save Packaging, Save the Planet

Helen’s cafe & juice bar is the perfect place to meet – friends, clients, or just a tasty treat to be shared by none!

Helen embraces both her heavenly stores with the philosophy of what she calls the 3 P’s in good business – save Pennies, save Packaging, save the Planet. Whenever you come to the juice bar & cafe you’ll see this in action!

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Mid-Meal Boosts

Snacking shouldn’t have to be a guilty pleasure – it should be a basic human right!

In the traditional sense it typically consists of fatty, sugary foods, but it doesn’t have to be the case! Working with companies such as NUTZ4PROTEIN we are able to offer some super healthy, super nutritious, super energising and (most importantly) super tasty snacks!

Products such as the Cocoa / Macadamia Protein Bombz are unbelievably yummy ‘Bombz’ of goodness! Packed with protein, nuts, dates and coconut goodness, these will give you that boost you need to make the daunting stretch between breakfast to lunch, lunch to dinner or both…

More Than Just Tasty Snacks!

It’s not just juices and snacks that are sold in our juice bar. One of the first things you’ll notice when you step inside the building is our selection of great foods we all love.

From breads and wraps to pasta and sauces, you’ll be surprised by what you can find on our shelves! Whether you’re just browsing whilst waiting for your Acai or looking for something new and healthy to try out, there’s something for you in the juice bar!

Try the Macadamia Muesli we stock for a healthy kick to get your day going, or if you’re feeling a little naughtier you could try the Byron Bay Pure Organic Drinking Chocolate. Everyone loves our extensive range of ‘Raw’ supplements too –perfect for after a workout.